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The Ukrainian procedure for the recognition of educational documents issued by educational institutions in other countries consists of the following steps.

  1. Authenticity verification of any foreign educational documents submitted for recognition; that is, verification of the fact of completed education and issue of the educational document.
  2. Verification of the official recognition of the educational institution that issued the education-confirming document; that is, checking for the certificate of state accreditation issued to this educational institution and its license effective as of the moment of issue of this educational document to you.
  3. Establishment of the equivalency of the qualifications indicated in the foreign educational document in accordance with the requirements for educational and qualification levels in the education system of Ukraine (carried out with the involvement of appropriate expert commissions for respective qualifications).

Thus, the result of the recognition procedure may be: 

Recognition, based on which a Certificate of recognition of foreign educational documents are issued.

If the additional conditions are defined for recognition the owner's educational documents qualification (i.e. additional study, competency testing or other actions, non-completion of which prevents further education or employment in the specialization area in Ukraine) the applicant is sent appropriate reply.

In the event of provisional recognition, the holder of the submitted educational documents is required to pass examinations in the subjects specified by the experts. You are free to choose an institution of higher learning for your tests. Once you have done this, the Center will help you arrange for the examination at the chosen educational institution. The time of the document recognition procedure in this case is prolonged accordingly pending the Center’s receipt of the positive test results.

Refusal to recognize the qualification level indicated in the document, with the qualification level possible for recognition specified. 

The procedure of recognition of the Document for the purpose of continuing education is carried out by the competent authority - a higher educational institution before the beginning of the second semester of the first year of study of the holder of the Document. 

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